About Us

‘Taat’ (Loom) is not just a type of fabric, it is an art.

From ancient times a band of artists was formed in different parts of Bengal. A band called ‘TaTi’ (Weavers). With their habile technique of skillful hands, they weaved the dreams that were nurtured in their heart. Their weaving is the outward manifestation of both told and untold stories.

In the modern mechanical life of bricks and stones, ‘TaTi’ aims to retain the tradition of their ancestors as well as to weave new dreams. The local brand 'TaTi' is on par with the foreign brands who always try to keep their local touches in the International arena. TaTi has always been working tirelessly to decorate the traditional Bengali weaving industry in a new and modern way. The main dream of 'TaTi' is to bring this traditional and family-oriented business to the doorsteps of all through technology. ‘TaTi’ is a trustworthy harborage for sari woven by skilled weavers, trained in homebred technology, and also for the buyer's cherished dreams which they will buy with their hard-won money.

In 1960, a group of ‘TaTi’ started weaving dreams in KhidrMatia village under Sohagpur Thana in the then Greater Pabna (now Sirajganj) district. They took weaving as their livelihood, with the aim of sustaining life. At that time sari had certain colors. Then White Sari was the only option that comes to our mind. In the Eighties, the color of the TaTi’s mind and weaving changed with the times. In today’s age of modern technology, their hand-woven work is almost extinct. At the same time, the existence of all those weavers is lost. The new generation is losing the artistic designs of our timeless Tatis (Weavers).

Considering the time and convenience of the Taat-thirsty buyer, ‘TaTi’ wants to cross the borders of the country and deliver the local weaved sari in the hands of the buyer to any part of the world in the shortest possible time with utmost fidelity.

The purpose of ‘TaTi’ is to reveal the story of all the sari-loving ladies who should come to light with skillful weaving. Let ‘TaTi’ be the only trustworthy station.

To this end, ‘TaTi’ finds skilled weavers scattered all over Bangladesh, collects all kinds of handloom taat sari, and caters to the needs of buyers, making ‘TaTi’ a successful and one of the leading brands in Bangladesh and internationally.